Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brewday update.

     Brew day last yesterday went fairly well. Weather cooperated and I was able to have the garage door open all night and still be perfectly ok without a coat.  I did have a couple of mistakes, which considering how tired I have been lately does not surprise me.  First, I was about 45 minutes through the mash and then saw my bag of midnight wheat on the table, Doh.  I went ahead and added in the 1 lb of grains and let it mash for another 30 or so minutes. Sparging went well and got the boil up and running.  I decided to ax the perle additions of hops and just go with a 1oz addition of Willamette @ 60, and add one cinnamon stick at 60 minutes and one at 5 minutes.   The other mistake came into play when I forgot to add some brown sugar @ 10 minutes like I had planned.  Ah well, No worries as Ill just add some in secondary.

    The OG ended up at 1.074 which is ~ 68% efficient.  Not bad, but not great in my opinion.  I was using my new mash tun so that may have had something to do with it.  Wort has a nice cinnamon/nutmeg aroma and taste that is not overpowering at this current time.  Pitched the yeast, and currently 8 hours later it is already bubbling away.  I truly cannot wait for this beer to be finished.

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