Friday, August 1, 2008

Sloppy Drunk Mild Ale

Sloppy Drunk Mild Ale label

This is my label for my most recent creation, a British style Mild Ale brewed while listening to Big Joe Williams and dedicated to this legendary bluesman.  Before posting the recipe I'd like to say a few more words about Joe Williams than can be reasonably fit onto a bier label.  Big Joe was a bluesman in every way.  Bigger than life vocals, song writer, amazingly delicate guitar work delivered with force, sometime talent scout for a couple of record labels, and overall lover of life.  For some time I've kept a running tally of what I think are the greatest songs ever.  'Baby Please Don't Go' makes my top 3.  For posterity sake, 'Redemption Song' is number 2 and 'Strange Fruit' comes in at number one.  Far and away my favorite version of Baby Please don't go is sung by Big Joe Williams, though BB King performs one of the more rollicking versions.  Anyone who's a fan of the blues should give Big Joe's work a listen, you will be impressed!

Now for the recipe.  The recipe is simple enough. It's Jamil's recipe with 1/2 lb carapils added.
5# Marris Otter (Any British Pale Malt will do)
.75# Crystal 60
.5# Crystal 120
.375# Chocolate Malt
.5# CaraPils
.75 oz. Kent Goldings - 60 Mins.
.5 oz. Fuggles - 20 Mins.
.5 oz. Fuggles - 0 Mins.
Your IBU target is 17-20. Also if you want to keep it in style eleminate both late boil additions.
Safale S-04 (pitched on approx 1 qt of yeast cake from Irish Red Ale)

Mash @ 158 degrees
Brewhouse Eff. 71%
O.G. 1.036
target F.G. 1.011
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