Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crimson Ale, Official Ale of the 2008 Univ. of Alabama Football Season

     This is the label for an Irish Red Ale I brewed on July 16th. This bier is designed to be another low alcohol session brew. What makes this one special though is it's intended purpose. I intend to drink this bier throughout the upcoming 2008 college football season when watching Alabama games. I'm sure I'll have one while watching other games, but that could lead to a problem!  If it's as quaffable as it should be the real challenge will be making it last for three and a half months... or hey I could brew more... problem solved! I'm currently planning my next batches to be a partial mash Hobgobblin clone and another session brew, probably a mild, also for football season.
     This is the recipe for a 5 gallon batch:
7 # Marris Otter
.5 # Carapils
.375 # Caramel 60
.25 # Caramel 120
.25 # British Roasted Barley
1.08 oz. Kent Golding hops with 4.8 AAU
Mash 1.3 U.S. Qts of water per pound of grain @ 154 degrees f.
Sparge with close to 2 U.S. Qts of water per pound of grain @ 178 degrees f.
Safale S-04 yeast pitched onto approx. 2-3 cups of slurry from Breakfast Stout (see below)
Ferment at 60-65 degrees f.

SG 1.042 estimated FG 1.011 estimated abv 4%
IBUs 20 SRM 18

I almost forgot... Roll Tide!

(click on the label to enlarge)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Rotund Breakfast Stout

Rotund Breakfast Stout

Above is the label for my Rotund Breakfast Stout.  This is an original creation and my first all-grain homebrewed bier.  This is an excellent session bier, and a fine example that shows off the versatility of the Oatmeal Stout style.

Here's the Recipe
5# Marris Otter
.8# Quaker Whole Oats, toasted to the color of Caramel 60 malt
.625# American Chocolate Malt
.5# British Roasted Barley
.5# Caramel 60
.5# Carmel 120

Mash at 155 degrees F. 

1.2 oz Kent Golding hops boiled for 72 mins.

Pitch 1 packet Safale S-04

IBUs 26
SRM 40
S.G. 1.039
F.G. 1.015
ABV 3.3%

Fermentation of this low alc. bier only took about 4 days.  My final gravity finished a little high, but I'm hoping it'll drop a couple of points in the secondary.  This is the clearest bier I've brewed thus far, the yeast accounts for that.  The Hydrometer sample tasted great, lots of roasted coffee flavors!

Old Peculiar Ale Label

Old Peculiar Ale

Above is an Old Peculiar bier label I designed for my clone homebrew of the original Old Peculier bier.  The back ground is distressed metal.  The character is Gabby Hayes the old western movie actor.  Always enjoyed the peculiar characters he played.

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